Friday, April 15, 2011

giveaway time: "whale" print up for grabs!

I am rapidly approaching another milestone in my Etsy shop: 500 sales! To celebrate, I have a very sweet little "Whale" print looking for a loving new home. Hand pulled with delft blue and black water based ink on 220gsm Daler Rowney paper. Size: A3 - 42cm x 29.7cm. Edition of 45 signed prints.

Q: How do I enter?
A: Keeping up with the prospective Summer Holiday/Royal Wedding Festivities/Happy Vibes, please leave a comment stating where you would go/what you would do for your DREAM SUMMER HOLIDAY! Yup, we can all do with a well deserved break. Please remember to leave your email address. The winner will be chosen randomly and entries are welcome worldwide.

The winner will be announced shortly after I've reached that 500 sale mark. So excited, can't wait. Thank you for all the support from my readers and customers. Couldn't have done it without you.

"Whale" is also available in chartreuse and grey and can be purchased from my Etsy shop.


  1. This is such a fun giveaway - thank you for organising and congratulations on your etsy sales milestone!

    For my dream summer holiday, I would like to visit Santinori and go snorkling and on long, cliff top walks looking over the azure blue sea.

  2. Good morning Luzelle! :)

    Without a doubt, the whole Top Hat Handymen team would love to be whisked away to the lovely climes of Jamaica where we'd bask in the sunshine and the clear blue seas without a plastering job in sight ha ha

    Twitter: @tophathandymen

  3. Love the whale : )

    I would love to go stay in a little cottage somewhere in the Spanish sunshine. With lots of sleepy mornings and red wine.

  4. I want to go to the pristine beaches of Mexico for my summer holiday! I'd purchase a brightly coloured poncho for my SA winters, take walks on the white sand and go exploring for some mexican bric a brac to bring home with me.

  5. I would repeat the most insane summer holiday I had a few years ago.
    Culture, people, shopping and INSANE use of three weeks holiday!

    New Delhi, Varanasi, Calcutta (India), Siem Reap (Cambodia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand)

    We came home jet lagged, tired, but full of memories that will last forever. Would repeat ANY time!

  6. My twin 3 year-olds would rescue Marlin and Dory from the whale's tummy, and snorkel with them along the coral reefs of Australia,looking at all the beautiful fish swimming out of colourful anemones. We would then sit on the beach and eat cheese!

  7. Just one location? But it's so hard to choose!

    Right now I'd go island hopping in the South Pacific, sun and sea, sandy beaches and nothing to do but relax.

    Ask me tomorrow and you would probably get a totally different answer!


  8. I would love to take my little Max to Disneyland for a holiday... it would be so much fun!!!

    I love your prints they are gorgeous! My little boy would totally love the whale one :)

  9. I have been eyeing your shop for a while and love your stuff. Robot pillow cases - amazing!

    There are so many place I want to go but this year my bf and I are heading two Croatia with some friends. We have a few days in Dubrovnik staying in a converted monastery near the beach and then a week on one of the islands in a house 50m from the beach! Can you say bliss! Imagining lots of evenings enjoying the sunshine with some wine and good company.

    p.s. I am also originally from CT.

    chelle1984 [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. What a beautiful site. I am absolutely amazed! Already saving to buy some of your prints!

    For my perfect holiday I'd jet off to Iceland in summer. What can be better than to be surrounded by forests, meadows and glaciers. Sipping on icewine while waiting for nightfall to wallow in the aurora borealis. Bliss.


  11. Oh fantastic, well done on the 500 sales!

    I think we might actually be going on a pretty amazing holiday in August staying in an assortment of places ranging from swanky little hotel to shed by the sea!

  12. My dream summer vacation would be to Greece. I have never been to Europe, and while it's a hard pick, the blue waters of Greece are all too alluring as is the food!

    Congrats on your success, your prints are fabulous!


  13. LOVE your whale print!!

    My dream summer holiday would be to Umea in Sweden. My best friend moved there for a job in September and I miss her terribly much!! I have been to see her in January, which was brrrrrrrrrrr cold in North Sweden ;) So would love to visit her in the summer, when they have amazing amount of daylight!!

    Francine x

  14. yes please! what a lovely givaway :) my perfect holiday would be to cuba! it looks like so much fun! or anywhere with some sea and sunshine and a break from the print table! xx

  15. what a beautiful print!! I adore it :)

    My dream holiday is a roadtrip in the united states, driving in an old american cat from New York City to San Francisco. Hopefully dreams will come true :)

  16. Saw a couple of your prints at Vamp in Cape Town. Love them!
    Summer holiday? We are heading for winter for sure today but come September I would love to go walking in the Drakensberg.

  17. Gee Luzelle, what a great Whale and what a great, grand sales-milestone that is.

    Me and my family have had a very busy year with lots of worries about all kind of things happening around us. Things that caused us to spend more time away from home than we ever wished to be. So we will be spending our Dream Summer Holiday lying all day in our OWN grass in our OWN backyard and be as happy as can be.


  18. I'd go to Cuba to dance in the streets, sit in barber shops and smoke cigars :)

  19. Well if I could hang out in a our french hideaway all summer I gladly would, but don't think the brother's would allow I'd say Australia, as lots of special friends and family have moved out there over the years and I'd love to go and visit them a campervan. Love how you are doing so well, the prints are just right! And the whale and the manor garden are my faves.

  20. Great work :)

    I'd grab my wife and head straight to the East Coast of Canada. I'd pack a tent, a cooler, a few books, some wine, great music and just drive...

    Good luck and great prints!

  21. You're work is lovely. I found you via

    My dream summer vacation is Ireland.

  22. Sorry if I missed it, but have you picked a winner yet? Anxiously awaiting the outcome!

  23. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments. I only have 3 sales to go until the big 500. Hope to announce the lucky winner early next week.

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  25. Just stumbled upon your blog :) and glad I did.

    Had to wait a while for blogger to return to normal before I comment, but here I am.

    Dream holiday: Would love to spend a week in the platteland, where I grew up. I know it doesn't seem like much, but a "regte plaas vakansie" would be awesome. :)

  26. almost forgot...