Thursday, December 9, 2010

shed working

Somehow I got the idea that having a shed for an office/workspace/studio in the back of a garden is a fabulous idea. I don't really want studio space somewhere else where I have to pay a high rent and have to commute. Now I just need an actual garden! I've found some really cool shed offices online for inspiration.

Author Amy Bloom's writing haven. Credit: William Wright from "Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways"
Vivid Green designs and constructs low-energy offices, studios and workshops. Photo from The Telegraph
Shed workshop at Real Living. Everything in its place. A huge dream of mine.
Modern, green and affordable shed from Studio Sheds. Flat packed and constructed within 6 hours! From 
Garden office by Decorated Shed
Summerwood garden shed decorated by Urban Mode. Image via Interior Design Show


  1. right! and now for the garden and the sunshine and hey presto! a shed.
    lovely round up. :-)

  2. Mmm, this is probably more of a dream inspiration than a reality inspiration... At the moment an igloo studio would be more appropriate?

  3. For a more reasonably priced alternative - you might want to check out