Tuesday, March 22, 2011

mengsel in canada

The randomness of this world never fails to amaze me. Lauren, a girl who worked with me in the London jewellery boutique EC One back in the day, stumbled upon my tea towels in Toronto, Canada. She kindly took a few snaps of the shop window, where my black Moka Express tea towel is displayed alongside some pretty cool designs. The shop is Good Egg, my stockist in Canada. Check out their website. Quite an amazing space. Thanks Lauren!


  1. Lots of love from another EC One girl!!
    Your stuff is great and I see it has gone as far as Canada. Cool stuff, Lu!
    I realised recently that I didn't reply to your message a few months back. I had problems with my computer at the time and saved the message in words but then forgot to send it and only discovered it the other day- will re-sen soon...
    Keep on your great work!!

  2. Thanks Barbs! That's so nice of you. Hope you are doing well in sunny SA?