Wednesday, September 30, 2009

highlights from TENT London - Esther Coombs

Esther Coombs had her cute and quirky range of ceramics and cake stands at TENT London. Her beautiful illustrations adorn tea cups, ceramics and milk jugs and she creates bespoke cake stands with her designs. Esther's work embodies the new tendancy for upcycling and renewal of older items. A large selection of her work is also available to buy at her Etsy shop.

At TENT, I even received a cute mini collage art kit, see my assembly above!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

highlights from TENT London 2009 - Zoe Murphy

Designer, Zoe Murphy is based in Margate, England and creates beautiful hand printed furniture and textiles. Zoe adds a new twist to vintage mid-century furniture and adds beauty to discarded items with her illustrative designs.

anne kyyro quinn wall panel

Finally put up my Anne Kyyro Quinn wall panel in my apartment this weekend! It was a gift from Anne, when I left my position as project manager earlier this year.This particular design is called ROSETTE and it is very voluminous and three-dimensional. Sheets of felt are folded and manipulated and stitched into place to create the origami effect. This panel measures 1 meter x 1 meter, but Anne is known mostly for her large scale bespoke textile wall installations all around the world. Have a look at the AKQ website to see her other projects.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

london papercut map

Familie Summerbelle's London map is a print based on an original paper cut. Printed in France, in the instantly recognisable bright red that encapsulates all things London: red double decker buses, red telephone booths, red post boxes. I love London, my adopted hometown and this poster is so quirky, with all the top London spots clearly marked with the river Thames slicing diagonally through the map.

familie summerbelle london paper cut print

isak - beautiful happy things

One of the highlights for me at Top Drawer, was the work of Swedish designer Sandra Isaksson. Strong Scandinavian influences, especially in the way of storytelling, coupled with beautiful colours and patterns makes this brand one to watch. Isak's products are made by hand and the craftsmanship is excellent. Sustainable sources and recycled paper products are used wherever possible.

Penguin wall paper in turquoise and white

1-20 bird counting poster

bill and blossom big blue tray

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

dog and rabbit lights

I found these fantastic dog and rabbit lights at the Top Drawer show at Kensington Olympia in London. They are from SSK Lighting, based in Soho, London. SKK specialises in lighting design and consultancy. My favourite is the new robot light. Makes me think of my own Robotica range at ETSY.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

cool shades tape by Azumi and David

Just found this amazing "Cool Shades Tape" for Architects and Intellectuals on Azumi and David's website. Why spend £120 on classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers when you can have this quirky tonque in cheek version for £11 per roll? You might bump into a few things though.

Azumi and David's 'things to wear' are stocked around the world in over 40 stores, in cities such as London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Milan etc...

Mu & Me

I have always admired the work of South African designer and illustrator Daley Muller from Mu & Me.

Check out Mu & Me's website and online shop. The illustrations are so sweet and every character has a little story, with a South African flavour. The site stocks everything from cards to notebooks and the range is available in the UK at Selfridges and Liberty in London.

Another feature on Mu & Me's website is downloadable wallpapers for your desktop. They are super adorable and are guaranteed to make you smile everytime you switch on your pc. I currently have this little beauty up on my screen.

Monday, September 7, 2009

charles avery print

As mentioned before, the kind people at Timeout magazine gave me a print by Scottish artist Charles Avery. More information about the artist can be found here:

"Working across a range of media, Avery's art is characterised by formal beauty, humour and a spirit of philosophical enquiry, and is influenced by the work of (among others) William Blake, PG Woodehouse, Jorge Luis Borges, Joseph Beuys and Joseph Kosuth." - British Council

Have not yet found the perfect spot for it in my home, but I thought I would share...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

first try

Some of my experiments from my screen printing class last week. Can't wait to get busy in the studio.